London Based Law Firm Bird & Bird Reduces Manual Work and Simplifies its Supplier Invoice Process With Onventis Invoice Processing

The challenge

Bird & Bird is a global law firm with 32 offices around the world. Like other global organizations, the different offices tended to work in their own way and the manual handling of invoices was a burden for the manpower in the organization. Bird & Bird was seeking to implement one process and one tool for the entire organization, while leaving flexibility for the individual offices to adapt their local approval processes as needed.

The solution

By implementing Onventis Invoice Processing, Bird & Bird was able to significantly reduce the amount of manual labor while processing incoming invoices. Together we successfully rolled out one process, including a dynamic structure for approval workflows, for their 32 offices all over the globe. Creating a transparent process for all supplier invoices in all offices, increasing efficiency and reducing the risk for human errors at the same time.

Want to learn more? Read the full case on the Onventis website:

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