Is it Time to Ditch Annual Reviews?

Annual performance reviews are a well-known facet of law firm life. Yet, as we see changing cultures both in terms of digitisation, the make-up of our offices, and the greater need to nurture and retain talent for law firms, many are now asking themselves whether it is time to redefine how we evaluate and coach their legal talent.

In this long-read article, we’ll explore the nuance of traditional and continuous feedback mechanisms and the impact they can have on your staff and your firm.

49% of law firms outlined attracting and retaining top talent as one of their three biggest business priorities. As such, it is now crucial for law firms to look at their processes and see what can be done to attract talent. Quite often older, more traditional methods are not what the new workers are looking for. Something noted by Martin Glover, the HR Director at Morton Fraser, when procuring Performance and Talent software as he joined five years ago, “it was as traditional as you could get. People who work in law firms love process, and they’d been doing performance management this way for a long time. I knew we could do better.”


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