How Remote Working Can Take Your Practice to the Next Level

Working in an office has its benefits. Having everyone in one place makes collaboration amongst staff a bit easier. Staff can discuss matters in person, which also helps to build relationships in your team.

You can also monitor the work that staff are doing and ensure that they are up to date with everything.

However, working solely from an office also has its limitations.

You are restricted to the local area for recruiting new members of staff. This means that your talent pool is significantly smaller, making it harder for you to find the right candidate.

Having all of your staff based in the office also means that your growth is limited by space, which means that should you outgrow your premises, you will either need to move to bigger premises or open another office, costing you thousands of pounds.

There’s also the cost to your employees. How much do they spend on their commute each day? Fuel costs, train or bus fare can cost your staff hundreds each month. How much better off would they be if they didn’t have to travel to work every day? Not only financially, but mentally as well. Waking up early to get on a packed train or bus, or sit in traffic for an hour can take its toll on your employees’ mental wellbeing and affect motivation.

Staff having to commute to work also presents the risk of lateness, as people get stuck in traffic or trains are cancelled.

Those staff members with children may require more time off than others, with school holidays or even if their child is sick. This means either taking holiday or having the time off unpaid. Both of which, I’m sure the employee would rather avoid.

Freeing yourself and your employees from the office brings multiple benefits. You are free to hire from anywhere in the country, but not only that, you can hire as many people as you want, without having to move into new premises.

Allowing staff to work remotely also offers you an advantage over your competitors when trying to recruit the best talent. Letting staff work from home sometimes would certainly give you the edge if another firm that doesn’t allow home working tried to hire the same person.

It also makes it cheaper for your employees, as they don’t spend time and money on their commute each day or dealing with the wear and tear to their vehicle that inevitably comes with it.

But how do you enable remote working in your firm?

The answer is simple. Technology.

DPS Software’s Case Management Software, DPS Spitfire, is completely web-browser based. This means that your employees can access the system from any device with a web browser from anywhere with an internet connection.

If you wanted to move offices, there’s no server set up or anything complicated. Just set up your Wi-Fi and log in.

Once you are logged in, your work is made a lot simpler. Documents are automatically completed with information that you’ve already entered, so no time wasted on double entry. Everything you do within DPS is automatically time recorded and any emails to and from clients are automatically saved to the client file. There are loads more features, that we’d love to show you at BLITF.

For example Spitfire also integrates with our mobile app, DPS Mobile, which allows your fee earners to dictate and record time and expenses from their mobile phone as well as manage their cases.

Spitfire also integrates with MyLegalSpace and DPS SafeChat, our client portal and companion app, which means that you can communicate with clients securely from anywhere in the world and everything recorded on the case file.

To see Spitfire in action, make sure you visit DPS at the British Legal IT Forum on 10th March. If you can’t wait until then, take a look at our website –

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