How Maluma is adding value to OpenEdge data

A time to reflect.

Maluma have just released the latest version of DataSync, one of two products developed specifically to maximise the value of law firm data. We take a moment to review how it has changed since inception.

A vital tool in many businesses, DataSync has transformed reporting on Progress OpenEdge databases, through monitoring data changes and constantly synchronising into a mirror-image SQL database. This means data is up-to-date and available to serve the needs of the business, accessed using tools familiar to your technical teams.

In a landscape where maximising the value of data is crucial in serving the business needs of a progressive-thinking firm, DataSync has continued to prove its value by allowing a deeper integration of OpenEdge data with other business systems.

What are the biggest changes? 

While the overall concept of DataSync hasn’t changed much, the advent of DataSync’s {extend} module has been the most significant development.  This module enables changes in the source matter to trigger actions in the Microsoft domain; for example closing a matter could trigger billing actions in the PMS. Our customers are using this module to integrate with other business systems and processes.

Maluma also use this module as the backbone of their Visualfiles reporting transformation, taking a complicated structure and making it much easier to report from.

The product continues to finesse with the latest release improving its record of being a low-maintenance system with its ability to continue past periods where a connection to the OpenEdge database is unavailable making DataSync fail-safe.

What’s next for DataSync? 

Having already proven their solution for many Visualfiles & SolCase sites, Maluma are now targeting an increase in the number of SOS and ProClaim sites running DataSync.

To find out how we can help you extend your OpenEdge data, check out our web page or call us on 0161 70 60 80 7 for a demo.

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