Electronic Bundles – A Short Story

Once upon a time, a team of weary solicitors faced a looming court deadline and a mountain of documents to review. Poor souls, if only a hero could rescue them from the administrative nightmare of preparing succinct, compliant court bundles.

Luckily, this story can have a happy ending, and the solution is not one of fiction or fairy tale.

E-bundles to the rescue

Electronic bundles (e-bundles) have been in the picture for some time, with various solutions available. However, what are some of the main benefits of electronic bundles over a traditional hard copy trial bundle? Here are our top six benefits of e-bundles:

  • Volume– electronic bundles vastly reduce the volume of files and documents that must be transported around and provide easy access to all collaborators or necessary parties.
  • Collaborate– allows you to work seamlessly with the case team, counsel, and stakeholders.
  • Searchable – provides the ability to carry out keyword searches within documents or annotations, enabling teams to find specific documents or information.
  • Compliance– using an electronic court bundling software or service can help ensure compliance rules regarding the presentation of information are followed correctly.
  • Improve efficiency – implementing a proficient e-bundle solution can save time, reduce costs, and improve efficiency.
  • Help the environment– finding solutions for more environmentally friendly working processes and making steps towards becoming ‘paperless’ offices are on the agenda for many firms. E-bundles reduce the need for printing, so play an important role in making your business more climate-friendly and increasing operational efficiency.

While the benefits of using electronic bundles are clear, generating them can still be a complex and administratively heavy burden, presenting legal teams with several challenges. Furthermore, not all e-bundle solutions are created equal.

XBundle are heroes in building smart electronic bundles – you can be too…

Every bundle should be submitted right the first time, with zero margins for error! Our highly skilled team of experts take pride in creating court compliant, high-quality, and reliable bundles. We are always here to support our clients and offer self-service and fully managed options, and we are always on hand to support you throughout the course of a matter.

Contact us to find out how our solutions can reduce court bundling prep time from several days to only a few hours.

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