DocsCorp releases the latest iteration of its data loss prevention tool – cleanDocs – with support for iManage Work 10

cleanDocs 2.3, the market-leading data loss prevention tool is iManage 10.2 ready, which will assist IT Directors in their decision-making as they consider the move to Work 10.

DocsCorp, a leading provider of enterprise productivity solutions, today announced the release of cleanDocs 2.3, its market-leading data loss protection software, which combines metadata cleaning with recipient checking in a single product. This iteration integrates with iManage Work 10.2 and is available for immediate download.

Commenting on the release, DocsCorp Co-Founder and President Dean Sappey said “We are excited about the new integration with iManage Work 10.2 as it will help IT Directors and Managers in their decision-making as they plan for Work 10 knowing that a critical technology like metadata cleaning is Work 10 ready today.”

“Metadata is a serious risk, but it is not the only one when emailing documents externally,” said Dean. “The major source of data leaks globally is human error: emailing the wrong person, attaching the wrong document, or a combination of both. cleanDocs addresses this by requiring users to confirm recipients and attachments as correct. Attachments can be converted to PDF, PDF/A or added to a ZIP file for extra security and cleaned of metadata as part of the same process before being emailed.”

cleanDocs for comprehensive data loss prevention

cleanDocs is a breakthrough technology that enables iManage users to clean documents of metadata at sub-second speeds. This includes application metadata such as who created the document, how much time was spent editing it, and template information; as well as user metadata like comments, Track Changes; improper redaction, and embedded Excel spreadsheets.

With this release users will be able to access cleanDocs directly from the iManage Work 10 browser interface to prevent metadata leaks when sharing documents outside the company that might adversely affect the firm’s reputation or bottom line.

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