Competency, transparency, price comparison and inequality: Legal Regulators share views with Access Legal

Law firms are facing a number of challenges arising out of the Covid-19 pandemic, including their ability to attract new clients and deal effectively with existing clients who are not 100% happy with the service they have received, for example, delays in obtaining searches in property transactions.

Some of these issues were identified in the recently published report from the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), which focused on how consumer access to legal services and solicitor competency could be improved and maintained; the report’s recommendations and how they should be implemented will clearly have an impact on law firms and regulatory bodies going forward.

We saw our Access All Areas event as an ideal opportunity to gather key decision-makers from leading regulatory and consumer bodies onto a panel so our current and potential clients could listen to their thoughts on the CMA report and question them on various regulatory issues they had.

The panel consisted of:

With such an esteemed panel we wanted to ask a number of questions that would assist those watching in planning for what may be expected of them in the future; to get a full insight into what the panel’s thoughts were on each question, and those raised by the audience, register here so you can gain access to the recording.


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