Collaboration Technology for Law Firms

As law firms continue to expand their presence across the globe, there is a growing need to be productive anywhere, at any time. Deadline demands are getting tighter and clients have higher expectations for law firm productivity. However, the technology that many law firms are using to allow their lawyers to work together and with clients is creaking. Traditional on-premise systems, requiring legal staff to log in to a number of separate systems to access internal resources and share documents via email, are no longer good enough. If law firms do not address the pressing need to take their productivity to the next level, they will very soon begin to lose clients to competitors who are more flexible and responsive.

Legacy document management systems attempted to demand—often unsuccessfully—that lawyers operated within the constraints of the system. In reality, many lawyers ignored newly introduced technology solutions, and instead continued to use their individual ways of working. Resistant to spending time logging onto new platforms, lawyers have stored content on their own individual systems. This has led to inconsistency, inefficiency, and potential security risks. Worse still, data and content that should be centrally and securely stored and searchable is isolated on individual systems.

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