Brodies hits the heights of mobility with Rubus

Appurity delivers transformative accessibility and availability to lawyers on the move The Munros of Scotland are mountains over 3,000 feet high. But, as one partner at Brodies LLP discovered, you can still provide excellent service to clients while you are climbing one of them.

Brodies is Scotland’s largest law firm, serving public and private sector organisations in the UK and internationally. It works in close partnership with clients on all aspects of  corporate law, from employment and property, to tax, disputes, and mergers and acquisitions.

Brodies’ philosophy of providing excellent client service means that partners and senior lawyers work flexibly wherever and whenever required. Which is why one partner’s exhilarating hike up a Munro was interrupted by a client in urgent need of some documents relating to a time-sensitive matter.

Having adopted the Rubus iManage Work connector from Appurity Connect, the partner was able to access the relevant files directly from his smartphone and send them from the side of the Munro straight to the client’s desktop.

“iManage Work is the standard Matter management tool for our partners and lawyers,” says Damien Behan, IT Director for Brodies. “We’ve been using it in conjunction with BlackBerry 10 smartphones, but the integration was limited.

“We needed a solution that gave us the security of BlackBerry and the efficiency and productivity of iManage Work. Rubus was the only application we found that really does the job.”

A major problem for lawyers can be the issue of version control – making sure you have the latest version – and at Brodies sending a NRL Link to a document, rather than a copy of it, is standard practice. However, NRL links are not supported on standard smartphones, which can lead to frustration when a mobile worker can’t access the document, or when a copy has to be sent, which can lead to confusion and branching of versions. Rubus bridges the gap between iManage Work and the smartphone platform, helping to reduce the risk by allowing the sender to attach links without worrying whether the recipient is in the office or out and about.

Rubus was developed as a native app for Android and BlackBerry 10, with iOS planned for 2017. It gives users full iManage integration into the native email client, with familiar features such as ‘send and file’, ‘file from inbox’, ‘search Matters’ and others, all integrated on the smartphone.

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