Are Troublesome Wizards Casting a Bad Spell on Your Pitch Documents?

As client demands become ever more sophisticated and the response timeframes ever shorter, time and resource is key in delivering the perfect pitch for winning new clients. The Enable team fully appreciates and understands the multiple stresses involved in creating a winning pitch document: gathering information from a variety of sources; making sure that all the information is up-to-date; drafting new key client content; tailoring content to suit client issues and requirements; and working to a tight deadline. All of this is happening as many people try to work on the pitch document simultaneously.

Whilst there are various automated document builders available, that seemingly can assist with the pitch creation process; these can commonly rely on automation wizards that can prove troublesome at best if not handled correctly. Automated documents that rely on wizards are much less flexible, can require a lot of experience to use (so pressure to create documents still falls on trained members of a BD team) and then the documents are often created with formatting issues

Some of the most common problems faced when relying on wizards to create your pitch document include:

  • An inability to view the document until the end, once all form fill questions have been completed
  • Difficulty adding further content after you have generated the wizard document and started editing it
  • Headers and footers misbehaving and section break nightmares due to the fact that an excessive number of section breaks in the documents can make it difficult to further amend them
  • A lack of flexibility in content layouts – in wizard systems it will be necessary to create another document for each layout which can result in content duplication and management issues
  • Inconsistent formatting in terms of branding, this is because most wizard based systems save content as documents as opposed to plain text. Therefore the content is inserted in the format of the original document, as opposed to the branding of the template. If your firm rebrands, there is likely to be more content changes required.

PitchPerfect provides a unique solution to the challenges faced by business development departments within law firms

PitchPerfect delivers high quality, professional looking pitch documents in a fraction of the time compared to traditional methods whilst avoiding the pitfalls associated with wizard systems. Our software takes care of the layout and formatting of your templates, matching your brand guidelines, so that your team has more time to focus on valuable tasks, such as formulating winning pitch strategies. By using Microsoft SharePoint as the CMS, PitchPerfect encourages firms to centralise their pitch content and streamline the way in which they store, manage and update their information. This then links seamlessly into Word or PowerPoint, steering clear of wizards and other applications that obstruct the flow while minimizing document corruption, formatting issues and the duplication of content and effort.

Benefits of PitchPerfect:

  • Your team will no longer be fiddling with complex document formatting and layout issues
  • PitchPerfect enables you to insert content simply and directly into Microsoft Word or PowerPoint through the intuitive PitchPerfect Ribbon
  • PitchPerfect makes it easy to insert, modify, re-order and remove content in your pitch documents
  • Through PitchPerfect’s professionally designed templates, content is consistently placed into your documents using your brand layout and house style
  • Your valuable content is centrally stored in your PitchPerfect SharePoint ‘back-end’ ready for firm-wide access. Data is pulled from this one source into multiple business development documents so you are only required to keep the content up-to-date in one place
  • It’s no longer quicker to produce a pitch by starting from an old document with all the obvious risks. Every document created is entirely ‘clean and fresh’

See how it works

Creating pitch documents is a vital part of business development and something which should not be overlooked. Setting your firm apart from your competitors is a sure way of getting your potential clients’ attention.  With an ever-increasing number of pitch documents being created, your firm needs to be able to produce professional, sophisticated and aesthetically pleasing pitch content quickly and effectively.

Save time, money and alleviate your team of additional stress.

If you would like further information on PitchPerfect you can download our brochure here or request a demo, alternatively contact us on 020 3743 9626 or make an online enquiry here.

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