Appurity become the UK’s first BlackBerry Workspaces Solutions Provider

As cross-platform mobility specialists, Appurity have extended their offering to become BlackBerry’s first, official, Workspaces Solutions Provider.

When Blackberry acquired WatchDox they enhanced the solution and re-branded to BlackBerry Workspaces. Appurity, as one of the original WatchDox partners, have embraced these changes and undertaken all the necessary training and exams to achieve partner status with BlackBerry.

This additional speciality ensures that new, and existing customers, are able to extend their existing EMM/UEM infrastructure with the ability to share documents internally and externally, and to control the document regardless of whether it is within their network, or not.

All businesses need to share documents and their IP, whether internal or external to the company, however with sharing there is a risk of data loss. Workspaces embeds protection into the documents themselves so it can protect, control, and track them wherever they go, regardless of their physical or virtual location, or on what sort of device they are accessed.

We are also finding that Workspaces can help address some components of the regulatory requirements that are being introduced as part of the GDPR.

Please contact Appurity to find how the use of Workspaces can provide benefits and enhanced security as part of a DLP and/or Enterprise File Sync & Share solution.


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