5 Reasons to Visit DPS at the British Legal IT Forum 2020

So you’ve decided to attend the British Legal IT Forum. Great decision! You’re set for a great day, learning all sorts of important information to help you in your work. But one of the most important things you could do is to pay DPS Software a visit while you’re there. Here’s why…

  1. Find out how you can improve efficiency and become more profitable

Using DPS Software helps you save time and money. DPS takes a lot of the hassle out of the admin process as forms are completed automatically from data held on the system and vice versa. Forms imported into the system can update your data in DPS.

Our legal accounts software also helps your cashiers to be more efficient, preparing invoices in a matter of seconds and reconciling payments with a click.

We wrote a full blog on how DPS can make you more efficient last week, which you can find right here on the BLITF website, but of course, come and pay us a visit and we’ll discuss how we can help your firm in more detail.

  1. Discover the benefits of remote working and how to implement it successfully

Remote working could bring a whole host of benefits to your firm. Freeing yourself from the office removes limitations on the growth of your business as you no longer require physical premises for everybody to be based. You can recruit from a national talent pool, meaning you have a better chance of getting the right person in and also gives you an advantage over competitors when trying to recruit the best staff.

Remote working also saves you and your staff money. You save on utilities and office space, while your employees save on travel expenses.

We published another article, which is a bit more in-depth on this very topic last week. You’ll find it here on the BLITF website.

  1. Make your practice more secure

Reason number 3 to come and visit DPS at BLITF 2020 is to find out how we can make your practice more secure. DPS Software has passed the most rigorous security testing and hold the ISO 27001 Accreditation at a company level.

With the current rise in cyber-crime, your cyber security is of the utmost importance, so you need to come and see us to find out how we can help you with this.

As I’m sure you’ve guessed, we also published an in-depth blog on this topic last week, again, right here on the BLITF website. Just take a look at the DPS Profile page to find it.

  1. Learn to collaborate more effectively with clients and third parties

DPS Software offer a client portal solution called MyLegalSpace and a companion app called SafeChat. They allow you to securely communicate with your clients and other third parties, sharing documents and milestones quickly and easily.

Clients can also complete forms in MyLegalSpace, which then automatically update your case file in DPS, making your life easier and ensuring all your data is accurate.

Come and visit us at the British Legal IT Forum to see MyLegalSpace in action and discuss how you can implement it in your practice.

  1. Make your practice more effective with our third-party integrations.

DPS also integrates with a number of third party platforms to help make you more efficient. Using these integrations means that you don’t need to enter information on both systems and ensuring that all documents are stored in a single, easy to find location in the DPS file history.

Amongst our integrations are the HM Land Registry Portal, HMRC Making Tax Digital, MOJ Portal, Aderant, Oyez Forms and many more, with even more on the way.

Just let us know what other systems you use at BLITF and we’ll let you know if they are already integrated. If not, we can integrate in a matter of days.


So, there’s your five reasons to come and visit us. There are many others, but we’d be here all day if we listed them all. So, make sure you come and visit us at the British Legal IT Forum 2020 on 10th March and have a chat about your software options.

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