Floor Plan 2022

Staged over 2,500 sqm and accommodating an estimated 1,200 visitors, ‘The Annual British Legal Technology Forum’ will return to London on Tuesday, 13th September 2022.

As Europe’s largest legal technology conference and exhibition, the 2022 event will be held across two floors, with four presentation stages and exhibition areas providing direct access to catering points, a coffee bar, champagne lounge, gin bar and a riverside bar for increased visitor interaction and networking.

View which stands are available.

For more information on sponsorship and exhibition opportunities at The British Legal Technology Forum 2022, please contact Netlaw Media on Telephone: +44 (0) 203 176 4200 or email:  sponsorship@netlawmedia.com

Exhibitor List 2022
A1 Egress B1 Advanced C1 SmartSearch D1 Sold – TBA
A2 Sharedo B2 Newgen Software C2 Zerto D2 Available
A3 Everlaw B3 Nuance C3 eSentire D3 Sold TBA
A4 LEAP B4 Available C4 Lawtech UK D4 Available
A5 Maluma B5 Rolling Legal C5 Moneypenny D5 Available
A6 Novaplex B6 Available C6 Teneo D6 Sold TBA
A7 UP3 B7 Practice Evolve C7 nQ Zebraworks D7 Available
A8 Peppermint Technology B8 Language Weaver C8 Escrow London D8 Available
A9 WM Promus B9 Tiberium C9 Tiviti D9 Available
A10 Bundledocs B10 Clio C10 Amdaris D10 Upper Sigma
A11 ThinkCyber B11 Available C11 Moxo D11 Available
A12 Arctic Wolf B12a ThreatAware C12 Fliplet D12 Available
A13 Zylpha B12b Della AI C13 Tessian D13 Available
A14 Prosperoware B13 Absolute D14 Available
A15 Jigsaw B14  Autto D15 Available
A16 Nikec Solutions B15 Available
A17 TigerEye B17 Red Rose Tech & Avaya
A18 Intapp B17a Legl
A19 Actionstep B18 Sinequa
A20 SenseOn
A21 Appurity
A22 Luminance
A23 Access Group
A24 iManage
A25 Litera
A26 Thomson Reuters
A27 Time By Ping
A28 Thirdfort
A29 Relativity
A30 Speech
A31 Net Documents
A32 BigHand