e2e Assure – Private VIP Lunch

‘UK Law Firms – A Victim of Cyber Threats or Cyber Incompetence? –
Have Traditional SOC Methods Failed Them?’

This private lunch will bring together senior security and risk professionals within the legal community to discuss the ongoing threat landscape for law firms and ransomware attacks in recent years. The session will also analyse traditional SOC models, how they are no longer fit for purpose and what needs to now be aligned to fit in with the constantly evolving tech and risk landscape. It will also delve into levels of complacency and discuss whether ‘out of the box’ solutions are good enough or are the capabilities limited?

Furthermore, speakers will look into modern SOC needs and how a refreshed model could be used to reduce the impact of a cyber attack. Don’t miss the opportunity to join the discussion and map out practical steps in order to shift towards an ‘Attack Disruption Model’ using automation without limiting detection capabilities.

Discussion Topics:

  • The cyber security landscape in the legal sector – the threat of ransomware attacks
  • The traditional SOCs & why this design is no longer effective for the modern day
  • Modern SOC needs & the introduction into Attack Disruption
  • Creating a pro-active culture within firms to educate & empower employees
  • Expectations of current providers & how to get the best out of them.


Rob Demain CEO e2e Assure

Andrew Rose CSO soSafe

Time / Location

Tuesday 14th May, at the British Legal Technology Forum

12:15 – Arrival at the Meeting Point – Netlaw Media Desk, Zone B
12:30 – 14:00 – Session – Riverside Boardroom, Old Billingsgate

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e2e Assure - UK law firms - Private Lunch

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